Friday, November 6, 2009

O, you Followers !!!

Frans wrote:

7 Oct '09: Dear Followers, we really like to receive your comments and those are few and far between. I have noticed though that it is not so easy to leave a comment so here are a few instructions:

Click on Comment:

Enter your Comment and select your Profile:

Fill in your NAME and click Continue:

Click Preview:

Fill in the CODE word and click Post Comment

View your Comment, the confirmation is on the bottom in your own language:

That's it dear Followers, now give us your comments, I need the support!!!


  1. The bmw travellers (google)November 7, 2009 at 3:08 AM

    hey over there in the cold country. watching your site and looking for some photos. hows the travelling 4. are all the girls sending you mad yet fran. love pauline

  2. Thanks for the explanation, Frans, because it is really very difficult... Hahaha!

  3. Unfortunately I don't get to read your blog every day, the first two weeks of the month are super busy for me. But I love catching up when I do make my way over here, it's like an adventure... and your style of writing is very entertaining :)