Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...Arrival in Copenhagen...

Frans wrote:

2nd of Nov '09: Arrival in Copenhagen was a breeze, our luggage was faithfully forthcoming, we walked straight out off the arrival hall and into a taxi and arrived after about 20 minutes at our Hobbit like Hotel Nyhavn 71. http://www.71nyhavnhotel.com/

Hotel Nyhavn 71 is a converted warehouse of considerable age where the original timber structure that supports the building runs like life line throughout the building and the rooms. The atmosphere created is very pitoresque and our room reminded me straight away of 'Hobbitstee' from The Lord of the Rings.
The room is quite small for 2 people and 4 pieces of luggage and due to the original structure it lacks a few modern amenities like a fan in the bathroom for when you've had .... a shower amongst other things...... but for the rest everything is there including TV and a minibar.

This morning we had breakfast downstairs and we found the most curious looking cheese slice machine of which I just had to take a picture :

This ingenious machine sliced a piece of cheese to exactly the correct thickness simply by turning the handle, the board where the cheese blocks have been placed on, is actually threaded where the handle spindle runs through so by turning the handle not only the cheese is sliced, the board is also raised that little bit at the same time to the correct height for the next slice.... I just love these sort of things! If we ate a lot of cheese at home I would want one, for sure!

The dining room was constructed the same way as the rest of the Hotel with exposed beams and all. In this sort of atmosphere you simply couldn't complain about the wobbly table, it just sort of complimented it all!

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