Saturday, November 7, 2009

Driver's blog supplemental....

Frans wrote:

7 Nov '09: Obviously we take several pictures on the road so here are some extra moments and untouched pictures.....warts and all...

4 Nov '09: Karen taken by surprise whilst doing the washing up in the chalet

5 Nov'09: Kampen, the statue of the Blacksmith

5 Nov '09: Kampen alley way

5 Nov '09: Kampen, Karen and Maxine caught coming out of yet another shoe shop

6 Nov '09: Kinderdijk, an unguarded moment

6 Nov '09: Kinderdijk, Dutch sophistication to earn 50 cents out of a toilet stop

7 Nov '09: Deventer alley way

7 Nov '09: Deventer, joining in with the Musicians


  1. Pitrik and JolandaNovember 9, 2009 at 1:13 AM

    It is good to see that it is raining in Holland. It feels so familiar.
    We are enjoying the nice warm weather here in Perth.

    Frans, you are a very funny writer. I read the blog with a smile al over. I like your style.
    Ever thought about writing a book?

  2. So good to read that you're all enjoying and having fun. Wonder how long it takes Frans before you get 'fed up :-) with the ladies'.

    Hope we'll be able to meet for dinner one of these days. Give me a call and we'll try and fix a date. Until then I'll be following you guy and gals on the web.



  3. Hi Jolanda, yes a few people have suggested I should write a book, maybe when I'm old and grey..... make that old and bald :-0. Frans

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Glad to see you follow our adventures, the ladies and I are doing fine for now, they just have to get used to me that's all.
    YES! we want to get together with you guys after we return from our trip and before we go back to Oz!