Friday, November 13, 2009

...Just a message to you all...

Frans wrote:

13 Nov '09: Hi Everyone, just so you know, we've decided to leave Salzburg tomorrow morning and bypass Vienna and go straight through to Budapest. This to leave us enough time to visit the other places and have a few days over in our chalet and Amsterdam!

Although it might seem we have quite a few days left over, it takes about a day's travel to reach each destination as well.

We are booked for tomorrow night the 14th of November for two nights in Hotel President in Budapest, Hungary.

Hopefully I'll get some more time there to bring our blog up to date and tell you about the Black Forrest in Germany, Salzburg in Austria and not to forget Evonka's gems of the day. O, and there will be a special 'Adult's only' entry soon too....

Our planning at this moment in time is : Budapest > Ceskly Krumlov > Prague > Wurzburg > Cologne > Terwolde

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