Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another quicky, from Salzburg, Austria

Frans wrote:

12 Nov '09: Just to put everyone at ease on the home front. We arrived this afternoon in Salzburg, Austria and all is well. There was no TV in the rooms of the hotel we stayed in last night let alone an internet connection hence I could not update our blog and suffered severely from withdrawel symptoms not being able to read my emails!

We have many stories to tell about the rest of our stay in Brugge, how 3 ladies fell down in one afternoon, why we dissapeared from the face of the earth in Remouchamp, had a great local cooked meal in the Bremerhof, drove through the heart of the black Forest and drank water from a little man's diddle near a Witches hole, admired the snow on the hills and were overpowered by some of the majestic snowy mountain tops of the Alps.... and not to forget Yvonne's famous quotes of the day.....

Tomorrow morning the Ladies are going guessed! .....some time tomorrow....and I will be ..... right again..... blogging!...and bring you all up to date!

In the mean time, have another read of Brugge day #1, I have not only added to it but also have now managed to put 2 short video's (mpeg) in it to give you all a better 'taste' of our adventures.

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