Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day #20: Kampen again....

Frans wrote:

25 Nov '09: We had already visited Kampen on our first day after we arrived in Holland and during that shopping expedition Karen had discovered a handbag that just wasn't for sale anywhere in Europe so we visisted Kampen yet another time. We strolled around the same shopping mall for another few hours but to my great dissapointed Karen returned without the famous handbag in her possesion?! I still don't know whether it has lost its allure, it had sold out or Karen started to realize that there were weight limits enforced to luggage you carry onto planes?

We were visited by my brother Dominique and his wife Alie that afternoon. Alie and Dominique had prepared our chalet for us leaving some basic food stuffs for us and giving the place a good clean out. Karen and Yvonne got along with them like a house on fire and a lot of laughs were had amongst them.

That night Maxine and I treated everyone to an Indonesion meal at a famous Indonesian restaurant near Apeldoorn. To make sure everyone had a good taste of all the different Indonesion dishes I ordered a 27 piece 'Rijst Tafel' which consisted of just about every dish in the Indonesion cuisine you can think off. The food was great, the wine acceptable and the company exceptional and I'm sure all of us simply ate too much. Award koalas were left, company parted and we made our way 'home' again.

This was our last night in our chalet whilst on this adventure and I think it all played a bit on our minds that this journey was slowly but surely coming to an end...

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