Monday, November 16, 2009

Evonka's Gems Part 1

Frans wrote:

16 Nov '09: Whilst I'm waiting in my hotel room in Budapest, Hungary for my Ladies to return from yet another shopping spree I thought it might be a good opportunity to update you with those little anecdotes that happen on any holiday and that can make it quite special.

Now before I start let me assure you I have nothing against Yvonne and I don't mean to set out and pick on her but this blog would simply not reflect a good account of what our trip is really like without recalling some of those what we now call Evonka's Gems.

Let me set the scene for the first Gem......
We are travelling through The Black Forrest and it is that time in the afternoon where we can do with a stop to satisfy the craving for a cup of tea or coffee and answer the call of nature as one does have to do now and then.

We had noticed by now that a lot of road side Cafe's and Restaurants were closed for their own holidays and as it was Evonka's turn to sit in the front seat we had given her the task to look out for a nice Cafe.

After a few dissapointments Evonka spots this place with a lot of cars in front of it which is usually a good sign for a Cafe to be open:

'Look at that one', she cries whilst her hand points in the general direction, 'that's got a lot of cars in front off it!'

'I don't think so', comes back the reply ....'unless you're Japanese'...

'What's that got to do with it' she asks seriously

...from the darkness of the back seat comes the dry reply... 'it's a Mitsubishi dealer....'....

...and then we were on the road in Switzerland and we stopped for a coffee. From my previous entry you now know that the Swiss have their own currency and we don't have any of that on us. Unbelievably, Karen finds to what appears a 10 Swiss Franc note in the car park and hands that to Evonka as the bearer of the kitty.

'Here you go, Evonka', she says, 'We might use that for our coffee'

Not quite trusting this coincidence I reply: 'You sure it is not a fake?'

We sit down for coffee and we are discussing where we have to pay as each country and restaurant seems to have its own particular system and Evonka is determined to use the money Karen has found:

'I wonder if we can use this', she asks

'Sure', I reply, 'just don't do it whilst I'm around so I can't get arrested for forgery, the Swiss are pretty serious about their money, you know'

Evonka mulls this over for a little while and comes to a decision about the legality of this apparent 10 Franc note:

'It must be real, she declares with determination, 'otherwise it wouldn't have a number on it!'

To conclude this Part 1 of Evonla's Gems I can't get passed this one. We had returned to the car after walking through a village where the mother of the famous composer Mozart was born and whilst discussing Mozart's parentage Evonka lets go with this particular peace of wisdom:

'apparently he was only a small guy, he was only 3 foot!'

This particular statement is received with a bit of skeptisism by the rest of us so she adjusts her personal knowledge on Mozart a bit:

'Well it might have been 4 foot'

Even this statement is received with a few raised eyebrows but by now we have learned not too question her wisdom but she continues with another piece of personal knowledge of the by now severly shrunken Mozart:

'And he was pretty popular with the ladies' ...she states with total conviction in her voice

and I just can't help myself again: ....'then they must have been a bunch of bloody midgets'...

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