Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day #23: And then we parted....

Frans wrote:

28 Nov '09: It had to happen some day and today it has come..., we came to the end of our journey and we had to part ways to go home and resume some sort of normal life again...

I'm sitting in our hotel room as I write this and it has been a few hours now since we said goodbye to Evonne and Karen. We'll follow them back to Australia tomorrow...

After I took our faithful Mercedes Benz to a nearby service station for a thorough clean up inside and out we packed our car to the fullest this morning and took the road to Delft to have a look at the church where the Dutch royal family is buried and soak up the last bit of Dutch culture of this trip. As usual we took the slow roads and some of the sites we seen are simply unique to this country and is rarely seen anywhere in The World. Just the fact that you can see that some of the waterways lie higher then the surrounding countrysite is enough to realize that this country is different to say the least.

We had a good lunch in Delft, drove back to the Airport and said goodby to our Merc who has served us so well. I know for sure that this car has helped to make this adventure as enjoyable as it has been and I'm truly thankfull we received this macnificent piece of machinery instead of the one we had originally ordered. The Sixt rental company had indeed done the right thing by us and we are all very appreciative of that.

We dropped Karen and Evonne off at Departures and returned our car. After that we finished this memorable adventure the way we started, at Delifrance in the Airport terminal. After a last glass of beer we all went up and walked together to the passport control where we said our last goodbyes to each other and despite my cries of "Now get out and stay out!" I felt quite sad to see them dissapear without us.... "I wonder if they'll get lost again....."

Our trip has come to an end and so has this blog..... nearly.... I owe our readers one last Evonka's Gems but that will have to wait for the last posting....

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  1. I loved it! I cried with laughter!
    Evonka is unique & a dear friend to all!

    Gloria Machado