Saturday, October 31, 2009

Setting the rules and making choices...

Frans wrote:

25 Oct '09: Frans wants to ensure that everyone is going to get the most out of the trip and wants to head off any arguments on the road so takes the plunge:

Hi Girls,

Sorry to become a bit business like here but I think it is important. I think we should have some basic ground rules to avoid any heated, heavy or embarrassing discussions and to avoid anyone being disappointed about this trip. I would like to suggest a couple, feel free to add a few of your own. Let's keep it simple and limit it to about a dozen. Once we have agreed to these ground rules, we'll all abide by them unless we all agree to deviate from them :

  1. All planning will be decided with everyone present
  2. The Majority rules, if there is no majority Frans has the casting vote to break the stalemate.
  3. Everyone will nominate 2 'Must See' places for which we all will make every effort to visit and explore*
  4. When underway, Each of us will pay for their own Food, Drink, Accommodation, Personal Items and Souvenirs. Whilst in the Chalet, we'll share the cost of Food, Drink, Linen, Laundry, etc. simply by dividing the cost by 4.
  5. All Car and Travel cost will be shared, all receipts will be kept until the items have been settled amongst ourselves.

*I think each and everyone of us should make it known which places they REALLY want to visit. I would like to suggest that each of us suggest 2 places in Europe they do not want to miss out on. I'm forfeiting my choices because I've already seen a lot and I've already take up some time doing my 'compulsory things'.

Let me know what you think.

Groetjes Frans

Karen is quick to respond :

Hi Frans,

I am happy with your suggestions. As I haven’t been anywhere we have specified on our initial tentative schedule (except Salzburg )I don’t actually have any 2 must see places so there wont be any argument from me about where we go. I intend to enjoy the entire journey wherever that takes us. A kitty is a must for the day to day needs.

Namaste !

Karen ..

and Evonka a few days later :

Frans when Karen and myself travel together we always have kitty which really works well but as you say when travelling around pay our own way. When would you want to know which two places each of us would like to see let me know.

I think when we get to Terwolde we can discuss where we
all want to go etc.,

Reply to:
1. This is the only way it will work if we are all in agreeance

2. I don' t think this will happen but if it does I agree

3. Good idea as all we will be doing is driving driving
and more driving.

4. I think we already discussed re kitty for
chalet and pay our own way whilst driving, but good to have in writing.

5. Why don't we have a kitty for petrol which would be simpler than dividing as we go. And when we run out put in
more Euro (see I remerbered the currency).

If I think of anything else I will email later


...ok so that is pretty well settled but I might just sneak a few more rules in :

6. There will be no arguing with the TomTom

7. When we look at a map North will always be pointing up!

8. The world will not change just because you turn the map upside down!

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