Saturday, October 31, 2009

.Modem, Insurances and what car do we get?

Frans wrote:

23 Oct '09: Frans, the email geek realized that staying 'On Line' whilst travelling through Europe might become a bit of challenge and is taking decisive action :

Hi Karen,

I've arranged for a Wireless Broadband Modem to be delivered to us the afternoon we arrive on the camping. Australian wireless modems from Telstra/Bigpond will not work in Europe. That way we can keep in touch with our Blog, Email, etc. and look up on the internet where we are going to go next...

Karen is obviously on the same wavelength:


You certainly think of everything. I am glad you are on my team!!!

But lost it again a few days later....

Hi Frans

Also just thought………..

Evie tells me you fly out Sunday !!! Will we have email contact once you leave??

Namaste !

Karen ..

...eeeh yes Karen, that was what the modem was for ?!?

Frans is checking on every ones travel insurance:

Maxine has arranged our travel isnurance yesterday, I think we should all make copies of our policies and send them to me? I'll keep the copies on the Laptop for easy reference?

...but to his big surprise there is division amongst the ranks :

Evie & I don’t have travel insurance. I wasn’t intending on getting any – but maybe we should rethink that decision. I will speak with Evie today.

Oops, not a good idea Karen, Frans has certain ideas about this praticular issue :


Maxine and I spoke about travel insurance, I said to Max : 'With Insurance, you are always pissed off when you have to pay for it but when you do need it it's the best investment you could have ever made'

Please get Insurance?! We are going to travel in a car over God only knows what sort of roads and Weather conditions, more people get hurt on roads then they get sick, for me it is a 'No Brainer' !

Think about this scenario, we get an accident, a car drives into passenger seat where you happen to be sitting at the time, we are allright but you are in a bad way and unconsious, we take you to hospital and although we have insurance we can't produce any Insurance for you, what do we do then ?

You might be a year older then me and much better looking but let me be the wiser one in this case?



.....and Karen got the idea :


Here are our Insurance details – thanks for filing on your laptop – I am sure we wont need them!! But a good precaution in any event…

Enjoy your day

Namaste !

Karen ..

..better be safe then sorry Karen....

Frans rang the car rental company at Schiphol to try to make sure we get a BMW but they won't give any guarantees :

I rang the Car rental at Schiphol yesterday, I asked if they can make sure we get the Beamer but unfortunately they won't guarantee it, he would put a comment on our reservation that we have specifically asked for the BMW series 3 so here is hoping...

Alternatively I'll have to change the name on our Blog but the 'Volvo Traveller's doesn't have the same ring to it, what? ...having said that, I'll settle for an Audi too, name or no bloody name...

...obviously Karen is not partial to an Audi either :

Fingers crossed for BMW but I do love a good AUDI. I can vouch for them!!

We know what you drive Karen, it 'polluted' our drive way a few weeks back, I'm sure it raised the value of our house for a brief moment?

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