Wednesday, October 21, 2009

...about Sex, Thai food and Blondes..

Frans wrote :

20 Oct '09 : It was inevitable that with one man and three gorgous women in one car for 3 weeks the conversation had to turn to sex allthough be it in an oblique way.

Karen set it off with an email about someone elses experience in Poland :

Hi received email from a seasoned traveller with the following comments which are good to keep in mind if we make it to these spots.

Cesky Krumlov with its natural springs even the open air swimming pool. Prague full on, I would say seedy and sensational, definately good for shopping. The drive into Poland is horrible, prostitutes on every truck stop and miles of trucks, but when you got there fantastic, Warsaw and Krakow definately worth a visit if you had time, the old city with the big squares and both had amazing castles/history, lots of tapestrys and great cafes and bars, very stylish.
Enjoy this beautiful day

Namaste !

Karen ..

To which Frans just could not resist answering to :

'prostitutes on every truck stop ' .... we better avoid that one, I think. With 3 women in a BMW I might be mistaken for a pimp.. but then again.. ...No Hitting the driver!!! ....

...fortunately Karen saw the humour in it :

What a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My thoughts ………..If you were our pimp you would be a VERY LUCKY, WEALTHY man!!

Greg’s thought…………….. You would be broke !!!!! (Greg=Karen's husband)

I hope we have this many laughs on the trip……. No doubt we will. It is sure to be a scream!!!

Namaste !

Karen ..

Ok, I think we'll get along fine..... Yvonne had other ideas :

I think everywhere we go with three beautiful women on your
arm you will be a pimp, they will say here comes the Franz again with his harlem.


Greg, Karen's husband picks up on an earlier email from Yvonne about Tai Chi:


"Tai Chi" is not a Thai dish"" its a exercise !!!



To which Yvonne reponds :

Greg I do know the difference between exercise and food I am not altogether blonde



Of course not Evy, you're just practising, aren't you...

Maxine joins the discussion :

Have i missed something, what has tai chi got to do with going to europe

Don't worry about it darling, it has to do with excersize...not your favourite past time...


  1. Hahaha I recon you should take a camera with you to record some nice movies, with even nicer comments of yours during this trip :P

    As a Polish i feel obligated to clarify some theories hahaha :)
    If you plan to travel from the northen part of Poland to the southern part i.e. Czech Republic I would recon to take the German highway... cause polish road are horrible to drive...indeed. Krakow is a very nice city to see, but I also think that this is too long drive to visit Warsaw. But if you drive with German part, you can turn off on the way to visit Wroclaw (aka Breslau for forigners :P), it's the city where I studied...(Frans and Maxine saw some pictures)...has almost the same character as Krakow :P One tip: watch out for the traffic in the afternoon hours (after 3 p.m.)
    p.s. With the prostitues it's not soooo bad,it's not Dubai :P They do stand on the highways, but if you won't stop the car, they are harmless... :P
    p.s.2. Frans and 3 women in BMW ...all the men are going to be jelous...that's the fact :P

  2. Hi Mal, well you would know wouldn't you because you are our Polish expert! Thank you for your advice, i.e. keep driving, before 3 PM and don't stop!