Saturday, October 31, 2009

Appointing the Navigator and Accountant

Frans wrote:

25 Oct '09 : Slowly ticking all the boxes and arrange what we can arrange Frans informs the troops :

Hi Girls,

I'm happy to do the kitty thing, it'll be good. Who wants to hold the kitty?

Just in case you think I wasn't doing anything today, I've overhauled the TomTom, upgraded the maps, updated the Speed cameras and put in some POI's, we're just about ready to roll... I'be been gathering some info from the internet , TV stations on line, weather sites and travel sites, esspecially handy for Holland with its traffic jams, you guys better get used to the word 'File', pronouced like 'Filet' but with the emphasis onthe 'Fi' bit...

One week from today and we're away, I'm really looking forward to this and sharing it with you.

Groetjes Frans

There was quick consensus on who was going to be the accountant :

Frans I will hold the kitty - that if everyone agrees or
if anyone else would like to offer


...and from Karen :


Evie is a great “kitty holder” there is sure to be no way a dime will be unaccounted for…
You certainly think of everything Frans. We are sure to have a safe enjoyable trip with you on the job!!!

Namaste !

Karen ..

...and that is how Evonka became our bean counter...

Hi Evonka,

You are now offically the BMW Travellers's bean counter! Congratulations.... I think...

Ajuus Frans

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