Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preliminaries: Planning the first few days..

Frans Wrote:

18 Oct '09 : As we are coing closer to our departure date, a few pieces are falling into place in terms of meetings and arrangements so Frans decides to get a bit more serious with the planning:

Hi Guys, Whilst we're in Holland there are 2 visits I have to make for work and I'm trying to get them out of the way and combine them with a trip so that it still will be interesting for you as well. This is what I propose for the first few days :

Wednesday 4 November:
Arrive at Schiphol, Pick up car
Drive to the Camping

Settle in and go shopping for bare essentials for a few days

Thursday 5 November:
Explore area around Terwolde, i.e. Epe, Pine forrests, etc.

Drive along the river Ijssel up to Kampen (Old middle century town)
Dinner at the local Camping restaurant (If open) or at home

Friday 6 November:
Leave the Camping early to avoid the worst of Traffic jams
, coffee/breakfast on the way
10:30hrs Meeting Frans in Head office (2 hours or 5 minutes depending....)
Girls explore Alexandrium shopping center (Across the road)

13:00 hrs: Meeting Frans in Sliedrecht (About 1.5 hours)
Girls wonder around old part of Sliedrecht?
Travel to Kinderdijk, lots of old working Windmills

Dinner somewhere, someplace, perhaps with Frans's sister Mia in Krimpen a/d Ijssel? Mia's husband Antoine speaks good English....
Head back Home after the traffic has eased (1.5 hous)

Saturday 7 November:
Visit the market in Deventer

Visit whatever in the local area, perhaps coffee with Frans's brother Dominique in Zevenaar? Dominique's wife Alie speaks good English. Perhaps they'll visit us in the Chalet?
Plan for the big Europe trip the following day

Sunday 8 november:
Start our big Europe trip
Travel towards/to Brussel and Brugge (Belgium)
...we're on our way....

Let me know what you think?

All the best Frans

Karen is quick to respond :


It all looks & sounds great to me!! You certainly are a well organised tourist/guide. It is sure to be a pleasure.

Namaste !

Karen ..

...and Yvonne a few days later :

Sounds good to me so far getting things together.
When we get to Cresty Krumlov we must have lunch in the old dungeon as it is an eye opener and wonderful you would not know how the prisoners stood it in there as there are no
windows what so ever, and the meal was great.

Re Tai Chi are you talking about on the trip or before the trip
as I also know Tai Chi.

I have picked a few hotels out in Prague but the one we all
like has no lifts, so have a look at the Hotel Ceasar Palace
it is another good hotel as I have stayed there and they do
have lift and the breakfast was good and not far from the
river and the old town and the Charles Bridge. Also Franz there is a Casino in Prague if you wanted to go there, and there is a great irish pub the other side of the bridge and cook a great roast.

osta la visita

Ok, that settles the first few days...

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