Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preliminaries : The Blog kicks off

Frans wrote :

16 Oct '09 :

After working a few days on the web blog so that The World can follow our adventures, Frans informs his fellow travellers :

Hi Guys, I've started our web blog: I'll work on it on the weekend putting in all your ideas and hard work...... I just hope we do get a BMW now... Groetjes Frans

Karen picks it up straight away and responds with her usual enthousiasm :


Oh my!!! Fancy having our own web page - feels like WE’RE” famous. Not sure how to use it yet but give me a little time & I am sure to work it out.

Namaste !

Karen ..

...and Karen did work it out and posted her first ever Web Blog Post a few days later but Frans just wants to make sure we maintain a few simple rules to protect our privacy and security :

Hi back, I hope you like it, I'm trying to keep any real personal stuff out of it (like your email addresses) because who knows who reads this, but if you don't like anything, let me know and I'll take it out.

I'll work on it a bit more and bring it up to date so that we then can keep a daily diary of our adventures. I can maintain it myself but it would be nicer if we all wrote our own little experiences in it, that is why I've started every update with 'Frans wrote:' so if everyone then starts their entries with 'Yvonne wrote:', 'Karen wrote:', etc. the home front will know who wrote what and will get a good idea how each of us is experiencing it all.

When we're together next I'll show you how to make entries, etc. The home front can always make comments on our entries again. ....and yes, I'm the Worlds greatest logistics freak....

Groetjes Frans

... you just don't know how something like this can backfire... Karen obviously sees other advantages of the Web Blog, things that come with old age :

Hi Frans,

I look forward to my 1st attempt at blogging. It will be a great way to keep a travel diary. It may come in handy in a few years when the mind is not as sharp & we have forgotten we went to Europe together. We are sure to create some great memories.

Better get going – I'm off to tai chi. Maybe we can add a little yoga/tai chi to our mornings in Europe. You know, limber up the old body etc. Will make for a good laugh also.

Namaste !

Karen ..

...something tells me I'm not going to forget this trip....ever....


  1. karen,,though i do not know you i do know F & M so i hazard to say you will not forget this matter how hard you try. :~)

  2. For those who don't know this Guy, his name is LEo and he's not a bad sort...for a yank... Well, he is a Southerner so you can't really call him a yank but for us Aussies they're all the same anyway.. Leo is a nice American who actually has got an Australian sense of humour! We took a cruise together with him and his wife Libby a few year back.
    Leo, I tend to agree with you mate! I don't think we'll forget this trip in a hurry!