Saturday, October 31, 2009

...Bagage, how much will fit in a car..

Frans wrote:

27 Oct '09: Karen is getting a little worried about the luggage and rightly so, there is 4 of us after all :

Good morning

I have been thinking about our baggage. The original intention was to take one large bag with a smaller one to repack for road trip once we arrived in Holland.


I don’t intend to take much in the way of excess & as we will be on the road for most of the trip I don’t think I will have items to leave in Holland. So, my concern is baggage size for all of us & how we will fit in the vehicle.

My bag size …..75 x 40 x 40

Your thoughts

Namaste !


Frans thinks it might be all right, after all, we chose the BMW because it was 'roomier':

Hi Karen, I don't think that your bag is too big, the Beamer, or equivelant, is suppose to take 5 bags but I don't know how big those are supposed to be. I think we should look at it when we get the car at Amsterdam, if we can fit all our luggage in we must be ''OK'', what? ... if not, we've got a problem, we'll have to put all the luggage in the car and you on the train... only kidding!

Ajuus Frans

..Evonne chips in as well :

If too much we can put bags between Karen and me in the
back and use as a arm reat


...good thinking Evonka, you can put your arm on that kitty at the same time..

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