Saturday, October 31, 2009

...It is getting close...

Frans wrote:

28 Oct '09: Frans and Maxine are leaving a few days earlier then Karen and Evonne. The planning is for all to meet at Deli France in the corner of Schiphol's arrival hall and from there pick up the BMW and travel to the Camping :

Hi Guys,

This time next week we'll be on the road to our Chalet... thought I just remind you



Karen answers :

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to wish you a safe & relaxing trip for tomorrow. Good luck with interview Frans & see you at Deli France.

Yippee !!!!!!

Namaste !

Karen ..

..and Evonne :

Frans surely you did not think we would forget the big road trip through europe and tip toeing through the tulips in Amsterdam, I hope you will both have your singing vocies in order for a good laugh, I am purchasing the ozzie flags so you will recognise us at Deli France at Amsterdam Airport if i don't catch up with you see you there or be square.

Osti la Vista Baby

evonka is Saturday the 31st of October, tomorrow we are on our way... See you guys at Deli France, keep a sausage roll for us!


  1. Hey Frans en Maxine,

    Wat leuk en spannend wat jullie gaan doen. Ik zal het zeker volgen en ben zeer benieuwd. Veel plezier! Have a nice time and be carefull.

    Kind regards,
    Sonja en Jim

  2. (Frans) For those that are not too good with the Dutch language:

    How nice and exciting what you are about to do. I'll follow you for sure and I'm very interested. Have Fun!

  3. (Frans)Hope the flight over was OK - looking forward to following your adventures
    Ed & Karin